Vortrius Is All About

Gaming. Blockchain. Community.

A dynamic ecosystem powered by Vortrius, fostering a seamless gaming experience with true ownership, community-driven decisions, and economic progression. Innovatively designed products enrich this ecosystem, amplifying user engagement and the platform’s value


$VGN Token

The $VGN Token plays a crucial role in the Vortrius ecosystem, serving as a medium for transactions, commerce, utility, and governance.

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VGN Auth

VGN Auth

We provide a single sign-on system for all our games and products, ensuring security and simplicity with just a username, email, and password.

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VGN Council

Vortrius Council

Token holders and players shape our products through secure, transparent voting, fostering community participation and aligning decisions with user input.


Vortrius Marketplace

We've created a marketplace for players to fully own and trade digital items from our games, promoting player ownership and freedom to trade or sell their items.

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Vortrius Rewards System

We share game profits with $VGN holders and dedicated community members, valuing their contributions and fostering a shared success.

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Vortrius Games

Our games are intricately designed to seamlessly integrate into the VGN ecosystem, providing a highly connected gaming experience.

Our Games

Valiants Project H. and more.

Our strategy focuses on creating enduring free-to-play games that rival top competitors while cultivating competitive gameplay culture. We prioritize live streaming potential and embrace emerging technologies to boost revenue streams.


Mobile & PC | Turn-Based Strategy

Dive into a 2.5D world with unique creatures in Valiants Arena, a mobile-friendly, free-to-play game for Adventure, Collecting, and Fighting. Play on PC and Mac for strategic gameplay with hint of nostalgia.


Our Concepts About

Valiants. Webtoons. Games. And more.

At Vortrius, we pride ourselves on pioneering innovative design concepts that redefine the gaming landscape. Our passion for creativity and excellence shines through every project, as we continuously push the boundaries of imagination and technology.